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Compliance, integrity and ethical business practices are part of the Bürkert culture and determine our entrepreneurial actions. Learn more in our Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct (CoC)

Bürkert acknowledges its corporate social responsibility as defined by the guiding principles in the Code of Conduct published jointly by the industry Electronic and Digital Industry (ZVEI) and of the Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA). The two bodies have jointly (with their members) developed a new code of conduct based on international best practices to conduct ethical business. This Code of Conduct forms an integral part of our value-based business approach. Bürkert expects its supplier network to adhere to the principles established therein as fundamental contractual obligation of our business relationship.

You can read the text (in 12 languages) on the VDMA website. If you cannot access the document via the link, please refer to your business contact at Bürkert.

We appreciate any chance to improve ourselves and consider raising a concern an act of support to such end.

Human Rights Strategy


Bürkert-Reporting Channel

If you would like to provide us with information concerning misconduct or any violation of our Code of Conduct including our Human Rights Declaration, let us know. We treat your concerns in confidence and – if you wish – anonymously. You have the following reporting options for this:

Online reporting form
• E-Mail: 
• Hotline: +4979401091360 / +4979401096343
(Available from Monday – Friday 9 am - 5 pm UTC+1)

In addition, it is possible to contact an external reporting office.
Get an overview of the external reporting channels.