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Distributed automation

For the right amount of process control

The flexible combination of complete control cabinets, CLASSIC process valves and the AirLINE valve island series is ideal for safe, close-to-process installation. The interaction of components enables compact solutions based on control cabinets or pneumatic field modules, which can always be extended as needed.

Your benefit

  • Less engineering needed
  • Compact solution with control cabinet or stand-alone field module
  • Reduced costs thanks to shorter distances
  • Compatible with all common communication standards
  • Robust and easy to clean

If the plant configuration requires valves to be close together, or plant sections to be flexibly configured, distributed automation represents the ideal solution. The individual components such as the control cabinet or field module and CLASSIC process valves harmonise perfectly, and this simplifies the planning and engineering work required thanks to their intrinsic compatibility and the fact that the whole platform is prequalified. Fast reaction and supply times, support and assembly services are there to make sure the installation goes smoothly and the plant is ready on time.

The plug & play solutions can be configured quickly and easily, they are fully inspected and documented and allow for immediate start-up. The control cabinets and pneumatic field modules are designed to cope with locations close to the operating plant. What‘s more, your automated solution can easily and quickly be extended at any later date.

When is this concept right for your needs?

  • High spatial concentration of valves
  • Flexible design for plant sections
  • Solution can be extended easily and quickly at any time

What are the special benefits of this solution?

  • Small control cabinet or field module close to process
  • The individual components such as control cabinet or field module and CLASSIC process valves are ideally suited to each other

What are the added values in your case?

  • Less engineering, shorter distances
  • Compact solution with control cabinet or stand-alone field module
  • Compatible with all common communication standards
  • Robust and easy to clean
  • Proven plug & play solutions
  • Fast and easy configuration
  • Comprehensive inspection and documentation

Flyer Process automation with ingenuity

Intelligent concepty for individual solutions

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Decentral automation

Intelligent process control

The diaphragm and process valve systems of the ELEMENT series are ideal for straightforward and flexible solutions. The intelligent, fast-acting process valve systems also help to keep processes lean.


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Central automation

At the heart of your process control

Concentrating all equipment at a single location can be done easily and quickly with mutually compatible components. Proven technology – control cabinets, valve islands, communication modules and CLASSIC valves – work together to provide highest levels of reliability.

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