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Smart Winery Solutions

From boutique to bulk, Bürkert is your precision partner for quality wines.

Like every wine, every winery is distinctive. At Bürkert we specialise in making sure that our unique products and tailored solutions, meet the expectations of the wineries and winemakers. 

For over 70 years, Bürkert has partnered with wineries all over the world, from Europe to America, New Zealand and Australia. Our passion for wines and winemaking has given us deep respect and understanding of the complexities of crafting great wines.

Strength in our partnerships stems from a comprehensive range of German-designed and manufactured products, coupled with local experience in winery engineering.

Putting the winemaker in the driver’s seat

Imagine having your entire winery managed at your fingertips. Knowing what your wine is doing, how the process is going and if the temperature is behaving. All of this is possible with Bürkert. We help eliminate downtime and maintenance, increasing uptime for your precious productivity. At Bürkert we know it takes precision to hand-make quality wines.

Our packages are designed as a complete modular concept, building blocks of components starting with our complete range of valves, instruments, controllers and accessories. Scalability is achieved with ease and flexibility, no matter the requirements. We ensure all installations and products are fit-for-purpose, are specific to your needs and provide peace of mind by reducing required hands-on labour costs and offering long-service life.

Benefits for wineries:

Old vs New Winery Solutions

Medium and larger wineries usually have their processes controlled from a central point. However, in these larger facilities, this centralised control infrastructure could result in a high relative cost, limiting expansion flexibility and diminishing efficiency. By upgrading your control systems to a fieldbus network or ‘smart winery’ solution, we’re putting winemakers back in the driver’s seat. With Bürkert fieldbus systems, you have more than just added control, by introducing this type of automation, it allows for scalability, providing you better control and immediate response times.

Key features of the Bürkert Smart Winery Solution

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