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Smart Winery Solutions

Winemakers prefer to partner with Bürkert 

Like every wine, every winery is distinctive. At Bürkert we specialise in making sure that our unique products and tailored solutions, meet the expectations of the wineries and winemakers. 

Bürkert is the leading partner in fluid control systems. Our passion for wines and winemaking has given us deep respect and understanding of the complexities of crafting great wines. Strength in our partnerships stems from a comprehensive range of German-designed and manufactured products, coupled with local experience in manufacturing and engineering. Creating better processes for Australian wineries helps customers to improve their running costs and ensures sustainable solutions for a better bottom line. We never lose sight of one thing: your satisfaction.

Utilising digital technology in line with Industry 4.0 to improve your operational goals.

Winery 4.0

What is behind the concept?

Utilising digital technology – in line with Industry 4.0, in order to improve four key operational goals, ensuring new installations are future proof.

Improve Quality

Quality improvement relates both to final product as well as operation processes. Digital technology produces accuracy and repeatability, whilst delivering ultimate flexibility to the Winemaker.

Reduce Costs

When applied correctly, digital technology can significantly reduce overall project costs and shorten implement. It can also reduce ongoing costs through loss reduction and optimisation.

Increase Safety

The drastic minimisation of labour required to implement and maintain digital systems with advanced diagnostics reduces overall risk. Of course direct safety integration can also be implemented.

Decrease Footprint

Environmental targets can be improved significantly through advanced energy and waste management. Also, the added flexibility enable for easy and cost-effective changes, maximising service life.

Bürkert Smart Winery

We’ve got you covered

Bürkert promises to design and build a complete system, that integrates all your process areas, including programming and commissioning. One company that will service all your  processing needs. Our products are fit-for-purpose, meaning they’ve been made to do the job, and do the job well. Bürkert prides itself on products that offer long-life cycles, meaning cost savings direct to your bottom line.

  • Advanced Temperature Control for reduced energy costs
  • Process control valves
  • Level & fermentation
  • Tank blanketing
  • Gas mixing systems
  • Must delivery automation
  • Additive dosing & control
  • CIP systems & delivery
  • Micro-oxygenation Systems
  • Manifold design & automation
  • Media phase change detection and monitoring
  • Components for air agitation

Burkert offer a complete selection of fluid control components for wineries including valves, pneumatics, instruments, IO and distributed control devices with control capabilities.