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Smart Water Solutions

As the fluid control experts for globally for 74 years and locally for 40 years; water chemistry and water systems is Bürkert’s mastery, ensuring customers receive the highest level of quality and service, every time.

We help our customers to improve plant processes from the control room to the boardroom.

We do this by determining the most effective water treatment, measurement or monitoring architecture, specific to their needs. 

For 40 years Bürkert Australia, has become a preferred supplier and market leaders in new and innovative digitalized fluid control solutions. The field of water treatment demands superior instrument performance and networkability. Versatile systems highlight continuous customer-oriented innovation, developed to simplify any water treatment situation, saving customers time and money.

As technology leaders, we understand the pressures of time, budgets and ongoing maintenance when it comes to water treatment and monitoring. Through our systemhaus, Bürkert have developed products and system applications that are revolutionising the water industry. By embracing our automation technology, Australian industrial manufacturer and water customers can take the next step in future proofing their plants and protecting their quality output, simply with a push of a button. 

Water treatment 4.0

In today’s world, the water industry relies on automated and digital concepts to treat water more efficiently, productively and competitively. Two goals are in the foreground: the safe supply/disposal as well as the economical use of resources. At the process level, Bürkert provide potential solutions for the automation of ion exchangers, membrane filtration and media filtration.

Live 360o Water Application Expo 

See our 3D water applications in situ on our live event, download brochures, view videos and take note of datasheets. 

Online water quality monitoring 

Process monitoring plays a crucial role in water treatment. Be it waterworks, pharmaceutical companies, food or beverage producers. Many plant operators therefore monitor their treatment process continuously. Bürkert’s Online Analysis System makes this task very easy and ensures a clear overview of the water and performance figures at all times.

Our technology has been embraced by local government and water authorities throughout Australia, one such regional council not only adopted the Online Analysis System for their water quality monitoring, they're pioneers that have benefited from reduced costs and improve water quality results, paving the way to larger projects in the future. 

Error free permeate analysis

Bürkert have developed a permeate monitoring system that automatically monitors the permeate of the individual pressure pipes in reverse osmosis or nanofiltration plants (RO/NF). It locates errors early on and rectifies them quickly and preemptively. 

Experience matters

The team in Australia are forward thinking, innovative and committed to supporting Australian industries solve fluidic challenges, providing cost saving solutions with new technology installations, as well as supplying energy efficient and positive environmental impact products and applications.

If you're looking to improve on your fluid challenges when it comes to water management, contact us to see how we can help. 


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