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Smart Dairy Solutions

Are you thinking of going digital? Compared to traditional solutions, Bürkert can provide SMART connectivity solutions when considering future-proofing your success.


Today more than ever, every litre counts

By introducing digital solutions, Bürkert can significantly reduce your cost to market. If you're ready to simplify your installation, commissioning and maintenance procedures, contact Bürkert to see how we can support.

Bürkert provides SMART connectivity for dairies

The dairy industry is continuing to adapt to recent and emerging technologies. Continuing development of innovation and its adoption is essential to a sustainability and profitability when facing the ever changing goal posts set by weather conditions, global economies and shifting consumer demands. 

Australian Dairy Farmer

In introducing digital solutions to your processes, Bürkert can assist in reducing cost to market by simplifying installation, commissioning and maintenance procedures, because we understand dairies. 

In a competitive dairy sector, having the right hygienic operating environment in place provides peace of mind. Having the confidence to invest in and adapt to new technologies at both the farm and industry levels, provides security in future proofing processes, meeting regulation requirements and growing demand. 

Hygienic Processes

When it comes to health-relevant processes in hygienic fields, we don’t make compromises. Wherever purity and cleanliness has to be strictly monitored, our solutions guarantee maximum safety and simple validation. 

Whether it be pasteurisation, CIP, plant utilities or process automation - Bürkert has you covered. 

Working with dairies

In partnering with Bürkert, our customers benefit from our deep pool of expertise, superior service, and gain access to our reliable sustainable product range. From standard componentry to engineered solutions, Bürkert speak your language. 


Success Story Fromagerie Bel

Flyer Best Practice - New control heads in the Fromagerie Bel dairy plant for consistent quality cheese.

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Success Story Teisseire

Flyer Best Practice - Fruit syrup production process is sweeter thanks to smart valve control from Bürkert.

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Product Technology

ELEMENT continuous control valve systems - overview

ELEMENT continuous control valve systems - overview

Type 8802

  • Extended warranty of two years
  • Integrated automation with leading technology
  • High cycle life and maintenance-free operation
  • Excellent control characteristics, especially angle seat and globe valve
Product page

Control head for decentralized automation of hygienic process valves

Control head for decentralized automation of hygienic process valves

Type 8681

  • Universal attachment for hygienic process valves
  • Contactless position measurement system with 3 switching points (Teach-In function)
  • Coloured status display
  • Manual override operative with closed housing
  • Fieldbus AS-Interface or DeviceNet (option)
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Pneumatically operated 2/2 way angle seat valve CLASSIC

Pneumatically operated 2/2 way angle seat valve CLASSIC

Type 2000

  • Stainless steel or gunmetal housing with sleeve, clamped or welded connection
  • Long service life
  • High flow rate
  • Robust actuators with modular accessory program
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