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Scope. Plan. Build.

Nothing beats experience when it comes to digitisation. At Bürkert we take a wholesome look of the entire project framework, explore the processes inside-out and help our customers develop automation control architecture specific for their needs. It allows us to deliver valves, sensors, transmitters and controllers together as a complete infrastructure solution - a one-stop shop.  

Every customer is unique, and considering new automation technology can sometimes feel overwhelming, how do you take the first step toward future proofing your processes without losing all the knowledge and formulas you’ve gained from the past?

Gone are the days of traditional, bespoke systems, the long drawn out process of commissioning customised panels, taking 16 weeks to deliver. Today’s age of fast connection and single touch operation capabilities, with standard networks and systems, will benefit your processes from the get go with:

  • open network connectivity;
  • real time diagnostics;
  • expansion capabilities;
  • flexible process control;
  • automatic software updates; and
  • remote operating functions.

Which network technology suits you best?

IO-Link: The open communication standard for sensors and actuatorsIO-Link: The open communication standard for sensors and actuators

The digital communication of intelligent field devices and the transmission of process, device and diagnostic data are becoming increasingly important in process automation.

IO-Link, a fieldbus-independent communication protocol, enables the connection of field devices (e.g. sensors, actuators) to the controller via a point-to-point connection.

IO-Link can be easily and flexibly integrated into all standard fieldbus and automation systems and is characterised by its high efficiency and excellent diagnostic capabilities. But what is IO-Link exactly? Which data can be transmitted? And which advantages does IO-Link offer?

EDIP - Efficient Device Integration PlatformEDIP - Efficient Device Integration Platform

The term “Industrie 4.0” stands for a new industrial age in which industrial processes can be carried out in a consistently digitized manner. We support this development with its device platform EDIP (Efficient Device Integration Platform) that enables intelligent networking down to the sensor and actuator level.

PROFINET: the reliable communication standard in industrial networksPROFINET: the reliable communication standard in industrial networks

PROFINET is the further development of PROFIBUS and extends this fieldbus standard with new, useful applications based on Industrial Ethernet. But how exactly does PROFINET work? Why should you use this communication protocol for factory or process automation? And what is the difference between PROFIBUS and PROFINET?

AS-Interface: The fieldbus standardAS-Interface: The fieldbus standard

AS-Interface (ASi) is used for communication within automation technology and is a supplement to the conventional standard fieldbus systems. With ASi, various field devices, such as sensors and actuators, can be integrated into a controller at the lowest automation level. But what exactly is AS-Interface? Which technologies are used here and what advantages do you as a company gain by using ASi?

We're available to discuss new projects with customers and partners to assist with digital connectivity and network technology questions. By completing the form below, we can get the ball rolling to work collectively with you and your teams to support your business and productivity strategy. 

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