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Complete Winery Solutions

It takes precision automation to hand-make a quality wine. 

Benefits for you

Like every wine, every winery is distinctive. At Bürkert we specialise in making sure that our unique products and tailored solutions, meet the expectations of the wineries by:

  • providing single cable technology, offering flexibility for installation, integration and future expansion
  • offering straightforward integration with existing network and third party valve products
  • delivering clear and instant process messaging for operators and cellar hands with bright indication lights on the control heads
  • aiding cost savings solutions in supplying our long-service-life and reduced maintenance products, allowing for plug-and-play expandability for the future

Every winery is unique in its offering; blends, labels and brands. Considering new automation technology can sometimes feel overwhelming. So how do you take the first step toward future proofing your processes, without losing all you’ve gained from the past?

As a global leader, process control expert and over 70 years’ experience working with wineries, Bürkert’s specialty is in developing customer centric solutions. Our deep understanding and knowledge of the complexities of fluids and gases, combined with our state of the art products, aligns perfectly to wine management systems and compliments the craft of wine-making.

Wine Control Panels

Bürkert's world-class German-engineered and manufactured technology products are fused with extensive local winery experience and expertise, for smarter process control solutions. 

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