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Universal Control Head from Bürkert delivers process valve automation for hygienic valves from any manufacturer!

The advantages of decentralised process control are well known, however the cost of installing a brand new set of intelligent valves in a production line can be prohibitive. The answer for many process applications can now be provided by the type 8681 universal control head from Bürkert, which is available with a retrofit kit making it compatible with all commercially available hygienic process valves, from any manufacturer!

Examples of our Control Heads and Positioners, assembled with third-party manufacturer's hygienic valves

Fitting an intelligent control head or positioner to an existing valve assembly can be far more convenient and faster, reducing both the overall installation time and costs dramatically.

As one of the leading manufacturers of control systems for fluids and gases, Bürkert has a wide range of experience and expertise in the field of intelligent process control. As such it has developed valves, positioners and control heads, all of which are designed to work together to produce an integrated solution which has been optimised for hygienic processing in the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries.

The kit was originally designed by the systems division for potential customers with process control systems using other, 3rd party, valves where there was a need to create installation kits to enable Bürkert positioners and control heads to be fitted directly onto the existing valves and thus creating an intelligent valve for a fraction of the cost of a new valve/controller assembly.

Now commercially available the solution enables customers operating valves from a wide range of manufacturers, such as Alfa Laval, Tyco, Aseptomag, Definox, Kieselmann, and many others, to install intelligent pneumatic control heads which provide a simple and reliable method of control. Such a system would take over the complete pneumatic actuation, feedback control and diagnostic functions.

Bürkert's new Type 8681 control head and retrofit kit combination offers universal fitment onto third party valve types including: hygienic valves, single seat valves, double seat, mix proof, and also quarter turn ball and butterfly valves that have linear stainless steel actuators. The 8681 is compatible with a full range of fieldbus communication networks, and is enclosed in a robust housing that is rated up to IP67 enabling it to be washed down and cleaned safely.
 The benefits to be gained from installing an intelligent process control system using reliable and proven equipment within a hygienic environment can now be far more easily realised. For further information, or reference sites, please contact Bürkert!

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