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Specialist Robolux valves for hygienic processes are now part of Bürkert's ELEMENT product family

Robolux multiport valves ensure compact processes, are designed for clean and washdown areas, and increase overall process reliability. Now they can be combined with Bürkert's ELEMENT control heads to provide a comprehensive base for the decentralised automation of hygienic processes.
 Based on diaphragm valve technology, Robolux uses a patented design to combine independent dual switching functions in a single body, with single diaphragm and actuator. The compact design occupies ~50% less space than traditional valve manifolds, and is far more easily sterilised. Low internal volume and elimination of dead-leg supports faster cleaning and a higher product yield, with the compact construction also streamlining installation and maintenance.
 Bürkert R&D redesigned the Robolux actuator, the most important development of which is that Robolux now assembles directly with ELEMENT control heads.  The intelligent combination of Robolux multiport valves with ELEMENT control heads opens a wealth of new possibilities for the decentralised automation of hygienic processes. The integration of all automation functions within the control heads, which is standard with ELEMENT, allows the valves to be equipped at field level with required automation components including pilot valves, electrical feedback units and optical status indicators.  The control heads also integrate optional fieldbus interfaces, allowing up to 62 valves to be connected to a PLC in series by a single 2-wire line.
 Typical Robolux applications are found in hygienic food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology processes.  Manufacturing applications where dosing chemicals carry a high per-unit cost are also indicated. Robolux supports such applications with high reliability and repeatability, with an internal and external design that supports purity and sterile process conditions.  

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